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West Kalimantan is a province located in the western part of the island of Borneo. Borneo Island is one of the biggest islands in Indonesia. In this island also has a wide variety of cultural, racial, tribal stories and legends. One is the legend of the Weeping Stone writer will show the English version. This he Folklore Legend of the Stone Crying More ...

On a hill away from the village, there lived a widow Kalimantan region poor and a daughter.
The girl was very pretty dainty widow. But unfortunately, he had a very bad attitude. She was very lazy, never helped her mother do the jobs home. It works just primp every day.
In addition to lazy, spoiled girl's attitude once. All requests must be obeyed. Every time he asks something to the mother should be granted, regardless of the state of the poor mother, every day must toil for a bite of rice.
One day her mother asked her son down to the village to shop. The layout of the village market so far, so they had to walk quite tiring. The girls walked strolled by wearing good clothes and primp for people on the street who see it will be admiring her beauty. While his mother walked behind, carrying a basket with a very dirty clothes. Because they live secluded place, no one knew that the two women who run it are mother and son.
As they began to enter the village, the villagers stared at them. They were so fascinated by the beauty of the girls, especially the village youth who do not get enough of looking at her face. But when he saw people walking behind her, starkly contrasts the situation. It makes people wonder.
Among those who saw it, a young man approached and asked her, "Hey, pretty girl. Did that runs behind the mother?" 

However, what the girls answer? "No," she said loftily. "He was a servant!" 

Both mother and child were then continued on. Not how much, again approached the young man and the girl asked the boy. "Hi, sweetie. Did that runs behind you is your mother?" "No, no," replied the girl with a cock of his head. "He is a Servant!" 

That's every girl you meet someone along the way who asked about her mother, it is always the answer. Her mother was treated as a servant or slave.
At first, the rebellious daughter to hear the answer if someone asked, the mother can still help myself. But after repeatedly hearing the same answer, and that is very painful, eventually the poor mother could not help myself. The mother prayed.
"Oh my God, a servant can not take this insult. Biological child so how could slave servant in such a way to treat yourself. Yeah, god punish the rebellious child! Punish him ...." 

On the power of God Almighty, her body slowly it turned to stone disobedient. The change started from the foot. When the change has reached half of the body, the girl was crying for mercy to his mother.
"Oh, Mom .. mom .. forgive me, forgive your son for this iniquity. Mom ... Mom ... forgive your son .." The girls continued to wail and cry pleaded with his mother. However, everything was too late. The entire body of the girl eventually turned to stone. Despite being rocks, but one can see that his eyes still shed tears, as was crying. Therefore, the stone that comes from the girl who got her mother's curse is called "Crying Stone".
Such is the story shaped this legend, which by the local people believe that the story actually happened. Whosoever disobeys mother who has given birth to and raise her, it would certainly act laknatnya punishment of Almighty God.


This is one of the folklore from West Kalimantan. And then see you at next Folklore by http://informasi-21.blogspot.com/http://informasi-21.blogspot.com/


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Cerita Legenda Batu Menangis Versi Inggris | Folklore from West Kalimantan
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